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Since 2008, TC One is a leading builder in Kozhikode that has been building remarkable projects. Life becomes meaningful when dreams come true. Because of its unwavering commitment to turning everyone's lovely goal of owning a home into reality, TC One Properties and Projects India Pvt Ltd is the leading builder group in Kozhikode. TC One helps to realize the house according to the customer's expectations by taking into account the ideas of the customer.

Each home is a reflection of the owners' beliefs, concepts, aspirations, and aesthetic sense. Therefore, each stage of house construction is carried out according to the instructions of its owners. TC One prioritises offering all the amenities necessary for individuals to live comfortably, not just a place to call home. TC One projects in a nature-friendly environment with fresh air and greenery. More than two hundred customers have acquired the beautiful apartments of TC One.

Twin Tower Skywalk is a unique gift dedicated to Kozhikode by understanding the characteristics of Kozhikode. Here are ready to sell flats. The projects of TC One, an ISO certified company, can be familiarized.

Tsiwon Skywalk Tower 1 & 2

Skywalk is an award-winning super luxury project. It is a project implemented on the township residential model in Kozhikode NH Bypass. The fact that it also features a skywalk system on the rooftop, which enables you to glimpse the sky, is its most significant feature. The project's appeal is that it can be rapidly reached from all of the city's key locations, including the airport, medical facilities, academic institutions, and cyber park.

TC One Skywalk at NH Bypass is a township project with over 35 cutting edge facilities. The luxury lobby has a cafeteria and business center. The concept of skywalk providing aerial view is a first in Malabar itself. It has all the facilities like an exclusive roof terrace area, fitness room and a very spacious swimming pool.

It is a ready to occupy project. Tower 1 is fully sold out. Skywalk Tower 2 has 162 units with one, two and three bedrooms. The area of ​​the flats is 687,705,1076,1362,1801 sq.ft. Only a few nominal 2 bed (1362 ) / 3 bed (1801) sqft flats are left for sale.

TC One Palmro (Luxury Four Star Hotel Project, NH Bypass, Palazhi, Kozhikode)

A project that can be described as unparalleled in terms of architectural excellence is under construction at Kozhikode NH Bypass. The project will include commercial space and hotel suites. It is planned to be easily accessible to IT parks, hospitals, airports and business parks. These are fully furnished and professionally equipped hotel suites.

It has air-conditioned bedrooms, high-speed Wi-Fi and smart TV, etc.

TC One Commercial Building

TC One Commercial Building is their corporate office located next to TC One Skywalk Township on Kozhikode NH Bypass. This building has three floors with 10000 sq.ft.

TC One Tower

Towering over ten floors on Mavoor Road Pottammal in the heart of Kozhikode, TC One Tower is TC One's most significant first commercial project.

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Phone -0495 2433300 / +91 - 8943616161

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