Superstone offers you Riviera Grand for luxury living

Superstone Properties is a builder group which devotes prominence to super-luxury living based on modern technology with high quality. The philosophy of the group is to position its developments with the highest level of quality, latest technology and prime focus on luxury living. Riviera Grand is a super luxury ready to occupy apartment being constructed in Vengola, Kozhikode. Redefining luxury from every angle imaginable, Riviera Grand will be home to a few hand-picked residents who deserve only the finest in luxury lifestyles.

This is a basement, ground plus 26 storey building built to the best international standard, with ocean view on one side and river, mountain and hill view on other. As it is a completed project, sale of Riviera Grand apartments are exempted from GST.

Vast car parking which permits 100 cars to park at a time is a major attraction. Apartments are classified into four, such as condominium, garden villa, sky villa and triplex penthouse. Apartments are in 26 floors. Among these, flats from 9th to 12th floor comprises of 2083 sqft to 3027 sqft. area. Common facilities are arranged in the 13th floor. From 14th to 19th floor, 4248 to 4432 sqft area is provided inside the apartments. And from 20 to 22 floors the apartments are of 4727 sqft area. Apartments in 23, 24, 25 and 26th floors consists of 16,117 sqft penthouse. This project is only 10 km away from Kozhikode city, 38-kilometre drive to Karipur Airport. Schools and hospitals are within 2 to 10 km radius.


With motion sensing lighting system, epoxy coated floor with marking as per international standard, a double volume Italian marble-floored, luxuriously Interior decorated air-conditioned lobby with a large Front Desk and front office, Imported high-speed lifts, Kids’ playing Area situated in 5 cents of land, are some of the amenities.

Virtual parenting through home automation, burglar alarm, remote gate control, a/c control, curtain control, mood lighting, gas leak detector, fire sprinkler system, 24x7 CCTV monitored security system are provided. Infinity swimming pool on the 13th floor, health club, sauna/steam, Jacuzzi, gymnasium, billiard room, and banquet hall are also provided here. Two Borewells and a natural well ensure uninterrupted water availability. The water filtration system is installed on the roof to ensure a clean water supply. Water quality is tested at approved laboratories periodically to ensure the purity of water.

KSEB electric supply with generator backup is provided to ensure uninterrupted power supply to all apartments and public areas 24/7. Well qualified and trained Facility Management Team with 2 Engineer’s and professionally qualified technician guarantee immediate response to any service demand by the residents.

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Mob: 9539 626 666/ 9947 466 622

Superstone Properties will have a stall at the Kerala Property Expo to be held on December 3 and 4 at the Sharjah Expo Centre.

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