The modern and luxurious projects of Sree Dhanya Homes in Thiruvananthapuram.


With zero customer complaints, Sree Dhanya Homes in Thiruvananthapuram offers modern and opulent structures and 100% customer fulfilment. This is the reason why Sree Dhanya Homes has been a client favourite brand for the past 45 years in Thiruvananthapuram city, with a variety of top-quality projects. One of Kerala's most reputable home builders, Sree Dhanya Homes, builds ultra-luxury comforts by understanding the demands and wishes of clients and, more importantly, their contemporary way of life. Quality above quantity is emphasised in Sree Dhanya Homes. Every structure is based on a strong foundation of that kind. To guarantee uncompromised after-sales services, there is also an ATOM (Any Time Operation Maintenance) after sales facility. Additionally, there is a separate app for this. ATOM is made to offer outstanding after-sales services, including maintenance support, immediately and whenever needed.

With the building of road ridges throughout Kerala over the years, Sree Dhanya has established a reputation for itself in the sector of infrastructure development and has earned numerous honours for its high quality work. The strength of Sree Dhanya Homes lies in these strong ideas and accomplishments. In order to fulfil its commitment to on-time delivery and fast project completion, Sree Dhanya Homes only uses modern facilities that meet international standards. Additionally, Mr. Dhanya will always take on the best projects available in the area, regardless of the job he chooses. Thus, every project receives the highest level of consumer satisfaction. Offices of Sree Dhanya Homes are located in Dubai and Thiruvananthapuram. Sree Dhanya Homes will be present at the Mathrubhumi Property Expo in Sharjah on 3rd, 4th and 5th December 2022.

Projects in Thiruvananthapuram

In Vazhuthacaud, there is a project called La Poche that consists of luxury apartments. It provides 3 BHK flats with all modern conveniences such as centralised AC and a private lobby. The first project to embody the idea of women's empowerment in India is Pink Apartments, which is located next to Lulu Mall in Akkulam. In both major and small sectors of construction, women are actively leading and working. Customers will find unrivalled pleasures here, including a full-size tennis court and a private terrace for each apartment. The first project in the luxury apartment market to offer automation is Sree Dhanya A1 Apartments. A1 is a rare and distinctive luxury apartment development that incorporates a variety of contemporary innovations, including face recognition technology and remote control operation.

The vantage point apartment project by Sree Dhanya Homes, located near Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram, is based on the concept of Investment & Savings. You can get a 1 BHK apartment for Rs 64 lakh and a fixed monthly income of Rs 27,000 through a rental programme. There are currently more than 10 areas in Thiruvananthapuram where Sree Dhanya Homes is building a variety of projects that are highly appealing to customers.

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