iCloud Homes: Villas and apartments offering a premium lifestyle

iCloudHomes is a real estate company created from a desire to provide customers a choice of cutting-edge contemporary housing solutions without compromising on aesthetics, construction quality, or entry cost. It was established in 2013 in Trivandrum, Kerala. Presently 3 luxury villa projects are ongoing.

The sensational super luxury villa project ‘The 44 Club’ is in a city-centric location at Pattom. The expansive and elaborately conceived ‘Winds of Change’ at Akkulam - a luxury villa project which has the biggest clubhouse in Kerala and has more than 100 features & amenities. Challenging the conventional wisdom and reimagining the costs of building affordably luxurious villas, ‘Under the Blue Sky at Mangalapuram’ features an uncompromising array of amenities that caters the highest standards.

The completed villa projects include ‘Nimbus Cloud Villas’ in the bucolic and dreamy suburbia of Mangalapuram; the very exclusive 8 villa enclave the ‘Rhythm of Life’ at Ulloor.

As iCloudHomes has grown to become one of Kerala’s most successful and credentialed Villa builders, it’s all set to step into the apartment segment with newly launched luxury apartment project with “No common wall sharing” Stories in the Sky at Akkulam and two more apartment projects in the anvil, one at Golflinks (Kowdiar) and another one at Chalakkuzhy Road, Pattom.

iCloudHomes aims to bring the same reputation by delivering masterfully thought-through, impeccably built, and meticulously crafted living spaces.

Villas Ongoing Projects

Project : The 44 Club, Pattom

Land : 2.5 Acres
Units : 30+ Villas
Category : Luxury Villas

Project : Winds of Change, Akkulam

Land : 10.6 Acres
Units: 121 Villas
Category: Luxury Villas

Project : Under the Blue Sky

Mangalapuram near Technocity.
Land : 3 Acres
Units : 43 Villas
Category : Premium Villas

Apartments Ongoing Projects

Project: Stories in the Sky, Akkulam

Land : 1.1 Acre
Units : 96 Apartments
Category : Luxury Apartments

Completed Villa Projects

Project : Rhythm of Life, Ulloor

Land : 46 Cents
Units : 8 Villas
Category : Premium Villas

Project : Nimbus Cloud Villas

Mangalapuram near Technocity.
Land : 5.19 Acres
Units : 57 Villas
Category : Premium Villas

Upcoming Apartment Project Locations

Golf links, Kowdiar
Chalakkuzhy Road, Pattom

Contact Details
+91 8113011234
+91 8113021234
Email ID: marketing@icloudhomes.in
Website: https://www.icloudhomes.in/

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രാജ്ഭവനിലെ അതിഥിസത്കാരം: നാല് വര്‍ഷത്തിനിടെ 9 ലക്ഷത്തോളം ചെലവഴിച്ചെന്ന് കണക്കുകള്‍

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