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What if all the amenities offered abroad were also offered in our country while upholding the same standards of excellence? People will extend their arms. HiLITE Group is working with this goal in mind. The persistent pursuit of excellence is the key to their success.

It is no minor accomplishment that users can state the Hilite Group is synonymous with innovation and authenticity in just two decades. Because of this, Hilite Group is one of South India's most reliable companies. Whether it is a commercial complex or a residential complex, the hilite transforms them into spaces that provide a more elegant living experience to the clients This successful brand was created by the group chairman P. Sulaiman. The Times Group honored him with the title of 'Game Changer in Kerala Realty Sector' for his ability to take on new challenges and execute them flawlessly. In fact, Hilite has become a brand that has changed the real estate sector of Kerala in an unforgettable way.

Hilite Group's main objective is to provide a shopping experience similar to that of international trade fairs across Kerala. As part of this, malls are now classified as big city, small city and small town based on the area where they are located. Such shopping malls are known as hilite malls in big cities. Kozhikode Hilite Mall and Thrissur Hilite Mall are examples of this. Mannarkkad is taking the first step of Hilite Center, a mall project focused on small towns. Neighborhood malls that focus on small towns will be known as Hilite Countryside. Construction of the first mall under this category is in progress at Chemmad. Hilite Group's assessment is that with the arrival of new malls under construction, development and growth will be possible in small towns as well. There are currently 10 such new projects in development.

It can be said that the Hilite Group, which has built innovative buildings in the field of commercial and residential complexes, introduced the mall culture to Kerala. The first shopping mall in Kerala, Focus Mall Kozhikode, was introduced by the Hilite Group. After the huge success of this initiative, the Hilite mall was created with more facilities in a state of the art manner. Hilite Mall has come up in Hilite City, one of the largest multi-level development projects in India with a business park, over 2,000 premium apartments and many other facilities. In 2016, Hilite City won the 'Construction World Architect and Builders Award' for the most notable construction project in India. The Business Park at Hilite City won the ICA Award for Best Commercial Complex in the Building category. The award was received in 2014.

Apart from infrastructural development projects, Hilite Group is also expanding into the education sector. The aim is to make a deeper impact in the state. White School International aims to provide comprehensive education based on contemporary curriculum. The group has also made a presence in the cafe culture with Hug a Mug, which has become a favorite haven for youngsters within a short period of time.

Hilite Olympus

A magical residential complex called Olympus, a Pontuvalai, will always remain in the plans of the Hilite Group. 526 spacious apartments spread over 33 floors! It has an area of ​​919 to 3150 square feet. A recreation floor of 40,000 square feet adds to the appeal of this project.

Hilite Pratas, Hilite Florina, Hilite Athena

Hilite Pratas, Florina and Athena are Hilite's flagship projects designed for a joyful lifestyle. Patras offers a dream home experience spread across 21 floors. Florina stands out with 70 elegant apartments spread over 19 floors. 21 apartments spread over seven floors make up the Hilite of Athena. All three are built with privacy and peaceful living in mind.

Hilite Centre, Mannarkkad

In contrast to the traditional approach, Hilite Center, a new Hilite initiative, is making its debut by bringing the shopping mall experience to small towns. Such projects will also be implemented in third tier small towns. Hilite Center Mannarkad will start construction soon.

Palaxi Cinemas

Palaxi Cinemas is introducing EPIQ cinema experience for the first time in Kerala. EPIQ is a premium large format concept from QUBE Cinemas, a leader in Indian entertainment and commerce. The eight-screen theater is expected to be operational by the end of 2022. Started 20 years ago as Hilite Constructions, today the company has expanded into various sectors like real estate, home interior solutions, education, multiplex, food and beverage services. Today's Hilite group is very diverse and extensive.

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