Five star hotel suite rooms in Guruvayur can be availed at monthly rent of Rs.30,000/-

When you reserve Golden Feather Five Star Hotel Suites presented by Dreams World Properties, you acquire more than simply a suite in Guruvayur. Additionally, you have the chance to receive up to Rs 30,000 per month into your account. The suite owner will get this amount monthly as rental income.

Dreams World Properties has a reason to consider such a venture. As the economic crisis in the Gulf has significantly affected the quality of life of immigrant keralites this five-star hotel is introducing an initiative that is both an investment and a source of income. Due to the economic recession in the Gulf region and the uncertainty in the employment sector, the financial security of overseas keralites has been shaken. There are many who struggle to maintain the lifestyle they have been following as their incomes decrease. They are also worried about the future. Even if you go back home, you are less likely to get a job that pays as well as you did abroad. Not everyone has the courage and willpower to start a new business and make it successful and thus increase their wealth. In this situation, the second source of income is the monthly rent received from Golden Feather Five Star Hotel.

It's also much easier to supplement your income with a second part-time job in addition to your current job. You own a five-star hotel suite in Guruvayur, one of the main South Indian pilgrimage centres, and you earn rental money from it without exerting any effort on your part.

Anyone looking for a second income can invest in a five star hotel in Guruvayur and earn Rs 30,000 or more as monthly rent. It will help you achieve your financial goals and live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

Golden Feather by Dreams World Properties is located in the heart of Guruvayur at East Nada on Thrissur Main Road. From here it is only 600 meters to Guruvayur temple. The railway station and bus terminal are nearby. Golden Feather is also a one time investment that can earn lifetime income.

Guaranteed good rental income

After Badrinath Temple, Puri Jagannath Temple, and Tirupati Venkateswara Temple, Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple is the busiest Hindu temple in India. Guruvayur is anticipating significant growth as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's flagship project, "Amrith" (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation). Despite hosting 40,000–60,000 pilgrims daily, Guruvayoor lacks even one hotel with five-star amenities. Every day, on average, 70 to 100 weddings take place at the Guruvayoorambalam Kalyanamandapam. Aside from weddings, celebrations like Choroonu, Tulabharam, and music festivals are also celebrated. These celebrations include Krishnanattam, Mohiniyattam, and Bharatnatyam.Family members and relatives even from distant places come to Guruvayur to participate in the ceremonies. As a result, every auditorium in Guruvayur and the surrounding areas is reserved all year round. To host such events, the Golden Feather Five Star Hotel has a large completely air-conditioned multipurpose hall. All these are reasons that ensure the number of residents in the hotel.

In India, the spiritual and health tourism industries are expanding. Dreams World has its own team of experienced employees working hand in hand with international tour operators to increase their business. Therefore, group reservations can also increase the number of occupants. The nearby famous mosques, churches, and temples might be included in spiritual tourism.

Speaking of health tourism, India's medical tourism sector was estimated to be worth three billion dollars in October 2015. Its value is estimated to rise further in the coming years. As modern treatment is available in India at a low cost, the number of foreigners coming here for treatment is increasing. Ayurveda is also gaining popularity among foreigners. The possibilities of tourism and medical tourism are both being utilised through the utilisation of Golden Feather and digital marketing.

Therefore, Golden Feather Five Star Hotel can be a great investment with excellent potential for capital appreciation and constant rental income.

Features of the project

As an ideal project for immigrant keralites Golden Feather, a project presented by Dream World Properties as a sustainable source of income for the owners, has many features.

It includes 10 floors of rooms, convention center, dining hall, restaurants, 24-hour coffee shop, spa, health club, infinity swimming pool, roof top party area, snooker club and indoor game center. Apart from that, the project has a huge shopping mall and a 3 screen multiplex. Apart from this, there is a five star hotel, family entertainment zone, G+ 4 floor retail shop/hypermarket and offices.

Investors can choose from six types of luxury suite rooms. This project is approved by all leading banks. Golden Feather Project has affordable and convenient payment plans. Transfers are fully furnished apartments. In a prime location like Guruvayur, the fact that these apartments are in a township with shopping malls, hypermarkets and multiplexes also adds to the value of the investment.

80 percent of the amount will be loaned. Investors also need not worry about property management. One or more apartments in the range of 480 to 990 sqft can be invested. The Dream World five star hotel will start operations as soon as the project is completed. The total rent received each month is distributed based on how many square feet each investor owns. This share is available to the investors whether the apartment is rented out for the month or not. Hence, once you invest in the Golden Feather of Dreams World Properties, you don't need to know anything. It will keep paying you. The value of your investment will also continue to increase.

Utsavam Hotel Apartment

Utsavam at Guruvayur is another hotel apartment project by Dream World Properties. Operating as a hotel, Utsavam with three-star amenities is a hotel apartment available on sites like, Make My Trip and Goibibo. The owner can earn monthly income by renting out the apartment in Utsav. A few apartments are available in this project. These apartments are a great choice as an investment.

For more information visit .

Or call our UAE number +971 509292901 or our Indian number +91 888 00 002.

Click on the link http://youtube/qba-k1jngTY to watch the walk through video of the project.

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