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Always one step ahead in terms of reliability. A signature of excellence in home construction. Crescent Builders is appealing because of their distinctive designs, practical location, affordable rates, and first-rate after-sales support. A peaceful and happy stay in the height of luxury. Crescent Builders guarantees that. The reputation of Kozhikode-based Crescent Builders is that they are dedicated to providing homes on schedule and for the best price.

Triton Crescent

Triton Crescent is an almost finished project in Potammal, Kozhikode.There are 97 beautifully designed apartments spread over 22 floors. There are also a few three-bedroom flats available here. Located in a relaxing area, the apartment complex has all the conveniences.

Crescent Builders has already delivered more than 20 projects to thousands of clients. ISO Certification, OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System; 2007 Certification, CRISIL 5 Star Rating, IGBC Silver Precertification and ICI, Crescent Platinum Award for Outstanding Concrete Structure by Kerala Endow 2017 Achieved by them.

It's no surprise that Crescent Builders is still the greatest builder in Kozhikode. Crescent Homes offers quality, luxury, cutting-edge features, and post-sale support to guarantee a comfortable stay. Customer satisfaction is the company's top priority.

Crescent Builders will soon start construction of new projects with all modern amenities close to the heart of the city.


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