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Creations India or CIDBI is Thrissur's own builder. The main feature of this group is that all activities related to building construction are done directly without contractors. As a result, CIDBI can deliver high-quality homes to consumers on schedule and for less money.

CIDBI began operations in Thrissur in 2005 with the goal of providing timely, high-quality homes at reasonable prices. The business has completed more than 110 lakh square feet of construction work both inside and outside of Thrissur throughout the course of its more than 35 years of experience in the housing market. These include apartment buildings, office and retail complexes, educational institutions, and medical facilities. CIDBI's designs are refined by a skilled team under Abdul Latif's direction. CIDBI, an ISO-recognized brand, became Thrissur's own builder in a short period of time due to manufacturing expertise, quality, timely delivery, and affordable price.

Let's get acquainted with two ongoing projects of CIDBI

CIDBI Kander, Poonkunnam, Thrissur

CIDBI Kander is a luxury apartment project developed by CIDBI with modern facilities and flourishing in Thrissur. The project is synonymous with excellence and has 44 apartments spread over 12 floors. Beautiful and spacious lobby, rooftop play area, multipurpose hall, CCTV, intercom connection to all apartments, solar panel (5 KW on grid), AC health club, rooftop swimming pool, kids pool, children's play area, biometric card entry at lobby doors, electronic Main door lock, bed lift, passenger lift, 24 hour security, lounge music, public addressing system, auto start generator for lift and common areas are all in this project. The sample flat in this project is completed and constructed using only high quality building materials and international brands.

CIDBI Shalet, Near Sakthan Stand, Thrissur

CIDBI Shalet in Kannankulangara near Thrissur Sakthan Stand is a budgeted residential apartment project that ensures comfortable living. The project, which will be completed by March 2023, has 28 two- and three-bedroom apartments spread over ground +4 floors. CIDBI Chalet is located in a location that assures urban amenities and village cleanliness. Amenities like beautiful entrance lobby, rooftop party area, kids play area, CCTV, intercom to all apartments, solar panel (5 KW on grid), biometric entry at doors in main lobby, 24 hour security, auto start generator in lift and common areas, passenger lift etc. CIDBI is preparing for the project. The sample flat in this project is constructed using high quality building materials.

For more information on Didby projects
Phone – 94470 42655, 94969 33000
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