The temple town of Guruvayur is a popular destination for devotees in Kreala and all over India .The history of Guruvayur spans over many centuries with its customs and tradition still intact and followed to the minutest detail that attracts lakhs of pilgrims every month.It may be a good idea to earn on your property adjacent to this pilgrim centre. Bhavanam builders are offering you such a concept where you can invest and earn accordingly

 Concept of service apartments

bhavanam builders

The idea of hotel service apartments is getting popular these days.Hundreds of investors round the world are earning a regular and increased stream of monthly income through this concept .proximity to business centres ,tourist destinations,pilgrim centres  will lead to higher rental income and capital appreciation.As the quality of service also decide rental yield it is important that facility is managed by a reputed provider. 

Bhavanam builders

About Bhavanam builders

Bhavanam builders is one of the reputed builders and developers in Guruvayur since 2009 and has enjoyed unrivalled track record of growth .company is known for maintaining ethics ,transparency,professionalism and integrity.All the projects are in close proximity to Guruvayur temple.

Projects include villa,residential and service apartments.Neelanjanam Apartments,Bhavanam Regency, Bhavanam villa,Suprasanna Apartments,Niranjana Apartments are the projects completed. 

bhavanm builders

Bhavanam Regency

Bhavanam Regency is designed to attract customers who are looking for a comfortable stay near Sreekrishna Temple.All apartments are fully furnished and airconditioned.Project will be completed in three months

Basement car parking,Banket hall,coffee shop,visitors launch etc are some of the amenities provided.Studio apartments and two bedroom apartments are available in Regency.Sixty apartments are there in Bhavanam Regency.

Apprehensions about service apartments

Getting a regular stream of clients will be the  major concern while buying a  service apartment.When it comes to Bhavanam builders such apprehensions are ruled out.Immediately after the delivery of apartment ,your property will be taken for lease by the builder.And they will assure you a monthly rental payment without failure. 

bhavanam builders

Income can be four to five times more than regular rent even with fourty to fifty percent occupancy.Bhavanam builders are the first to introduce service hotel apartment in Guruvayur.’’it is we who executed service hotel apartments in the real sense’’says Abdul Rasheed ,Secratary of Guruvayur builders forum.

Bhavanam Builders is one of the most credible builders in Guruvayur.They use only branded building materials for construction. Quality and prompt delivery makes Bhavanam builders number one in the field.