Kochouseph ChittilappillyKochouseph Chittilappilly was born in 1950 in Thrissur District, Kerala, into a family which was traditionally engaged in agriculture. He holds a Masters Degree in Physics and began his career as a Supervisor in an electronics company. A multifaceted individual, Kochouseph is the founder Chairman of V-Guard Group, the flagship company being V-Guard Industries Ltd; a chain of amusement parks called Wonderla Holidays Ltd, Veegaland Developers Pvt Ltd & V-Star Creations Pvt Ltd.

K Chittilappilly Foundation, a non-profit charitable company founded by him is engaged in various charitable and philanthropic activities. He donated his kidney to a stranger in the year 2011. As an author, he has penned five books. As a socially respected personality, he engages in various social activities and has voiced his strong protest/concern/views on issues like 'Nokkukooli', Stray Dog Menace and Hartal.


V-Guard Industries Ltd: At the age of 27, with a borrowed capital of Rs 1,00,000/- from his father he set up a small manufacturing facility for stabilizers with just two workers to assist him. Quality and reliability were his key focus.

Wonderla Holidays Ltd: In the year 2000 he started an amusement park in Kochi which has become one of the most attractive destinations in Kerala. The success story made him to build another park in Bangalore in 2005, presently the biggest amusement park in India. A third park in the chain was started in Hyderabad in 2016 and the fourth park at Chennai is getting formalized.

Veegaland Developers Pvt Ltd is a Real Estate Development Company floated in 2012. His strong passion towards construction and vision of urban housing solutions led to the setting up of Veegaland Developers. What makes his Veegaland Developers different from the rest in the league is his stringent adherence to quality, passion in imbibing green building concepts and practices with the view to maximize energy-saving and water conservation.

V-Star Creations Pvt Ltd is manufacturing readymade garments, started by Sheela Kochouseph in 1995.  With high quality manufacturing facilities in Kerala and outside.


Kidney Donation: As much as he is a business man, Kochouseph is a humanitarian. Ailing patients battling with kidney disease, the agony they go through and the difficulty in finding a donor set Kochouseph thinking on a different path many would have never ventured upon. He decided to donate one of his kidneys to a poor and needy truck driver whom he had never met before in 2011. Along with a charitable institution based in Kerala, The Kidney Federation of India, he formed a kidney chain – the first of its kind in India. He has been championing the campaign for organ donation ever since, especially cadaver donation. 

Championing the Organ Donation Wave

Kochouseph didn’t stop with donating his kidney. Ever since setting the example himself, he has been on a tireless journey to spread the message of organ donation, especially cadaver donation. Since the alarming level of increase in the heart, kidney and liver patients in kerala raises questions over the so called Kerala Model and necessitated organ transplanting as the remedy in many cases, the K Chittilappilly Foundation has been organizing organ donation awareness programme. As part of the programme, the Foundation has been honouring the families of after death organ donation.

K Chittilappilly Foundation: Kochouseph founded K Chittilappilly Foundation, a Non–profit Charitable Company, in the year 2012 as a platform to monitor all his varied charitable works, with the intention to provide help to the destitute and needy public, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Through K Chittilappilly Foundation financial aid is distributed to hundreds of ordinary people on a daily basis for medical treatment, educational aid, housing aid, marriage aid and infrastructural development.

With the noble objective of reaching out to a larger number of needy people at the grass root level, without taking credit for doing the same, the Foundation is associating with many like-minded charity organizations all over the state and outside, who run old age homes, orphanages, home for the destitute, free & subsidized dialysis units, etc.


Kochouseph has authored five books - Practical Wisdom-1, Practical Wisdom-2, Ormmakkilivathil, Ormmayilekkoru  Yathra and The Gift.

Social Commitment

As a person concerned in social issues, he engages in various social activities and has voiced his strong

Protest / concern / views on issues like “Nokkukooli”, Stray Dog Menace and frequent Hartal.

Awards and Accolades

His services to society and exemplary conduct in business have won him many accolades and awards. He received the Best Entrepreneur in Kerala award in 1993. He was awarded the Highest Individual Income Tax Payer from the State 1993 to 1995 from the Government of India. He was also awarded Industry Excellence Award for Medium Scale Industries by The Institution of Engineering (India), Cochin (1998). He was awarded Millennium Businessman of Kerala by Business Deepika (2000). Businessman of the Year awarded by Dhanam Magazine (2007). Samoohya Suraksha Award by the National Safety Council, Kerala Chapter (2010). He received the Tourism Man of the Year 2011 Award, Businessman of the Year 2011 Award and was also chosen as Manorama News Maker 2011.


He is married to Sheela, who is heading and managing V-Star Creations. The couple is blessed with two sons – Arun and Mithun. Arun is the Managing Director of Wonderla and his wife Priya is a Director of Wonder La. Mithun is the Managing Director of V-Guard Industries Ltd and his wife Joshna is a Director of V-Guard. They are also blessed with a grandson and granddaughter named Arav (son of Arun and Priya) and Anekha (daughter of Mithun and Joshna).