georgy k nainanDr. Georgy K Nainan is a veteran from Kerala who specializes in kidney transplant surgery. He is one of the leading doctors in early detection of kidney diseases. The first post-operative kidney transplant in Kerala was conducted by Dr. George K. Nainan.

He has been working as a Consultant Nephrologist at the Medical Trust Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram for 17 years. Georgie is also the founder of the Society of Organ Retrieval & Transplantation (SORT). Dr. George is an active member of the Indian Medical Association.

More than 1500 kidney replacement surgeries and more than 66 postoperative organ transplants over a 20 year period through Kerala Network Organized Sharing Program (knos) under the leadership of Ninan

Academic Achievements

  • FRCP – Fellow of Royal College of Physicians (FRCP- 2010)
  • FISN-Fellow Indian Society of Nephrology (2005)
  • Has presented several papers in State, National and International conferences
  • Has organized several State, Zonal and National conferences
  • Was the Organizing Secretary for 36th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Nephrology  (ISNCON2005)
  • Organising Secretary of LeptoCON 2009, VIth Scientific Meeting of International Leptospirosis Society.
  • Course Director of Nephrology 2010 – CME in Basic and Advanced Nephrology