P Viswabharan; an Eminent Socialist

P Viswabharan can be summed up as an eminent and illustrious socialist but the veteran politician is much more of that. One of the remaining living legends who carries the fragrant legacy and divinity of Gandhian values, P Viswabharan, definitely, needs description in this age of political degeneration. Born in the year 1925 June 25 as one among the five children to Padmanabhan and Chellamma, Viswabharan was lured into politics by participating in the protest meetings conducted by Youth League under the guidance of Ponnara Sreedharan against anti-divan rule in Travancore and was also a permanent presence in the Travancore State Congress meetings. He turned active in politics by participating in the Quit India movement and since then, until this age, the socialist is up with his invigorated political enthusiasm. This edition of Ee Vazhitharayil delves into the life of P Viswabharan, the socialist, parliamentarian, journalist and trade unionist. Ee Vazhitharayil, Episode 86

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