Combo- a hand-free vehicle for disabled people

When a group of six friends at Pankajakasthuri Engineering College in Thiruvananthapuram joined together for a group project as part of their final year engineering projects, they didn't take it as a mere project. The group- Rinesh, Arun S Babu, Aneesh A R, Sreejith S G, Amal Vishnu and Aneesh A S-wanted to make a project that would help others. So, Combo - a hands free vehicle which can be run without hand- is born. The vehicle needs no hands only our foots to control it. It helps any physically abnormal person to move from one place to another. Like to any other academic project, the lack of funds deter them from further developing it to a full-fledged machine. But, these students are hopeful towards the future in making it commercially viable helping the handicapped peoples. Out of the Box- Episode-63.

Anchor: Manjusha

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