Madhusoodanan Nair makes a journey down the memory lane

In the richness of the river Neyyar, a little boy caught himself in the currents of poetry. Neyyar, may no longer be the old river that gave the boy the delight and a opportunity for the intrinsic journey to one's own self to find the verses that made him a poet. But the boy, renowned poet, V Madhusoodanan Nair, while traveling on a boat across the river Neyyar makes a journey to his childhood days explaining to the viewers how he become a poet. He narrates how seeds of poetry was sowed in his heart, when he used to hear his mother read out CV Ramanpillai's novel to her friends. Times as changed, so is Neyyar. Poet tells in this episode of 'Ee Vazhitharayil', about the change and also how Malayalam language has suffered over the years. Ee Vazhitharayil, Episode 106

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