Saviour of Mangroves

Born into an impoverished and the most unkindest of the time, the adversities and misery he had endured all through the life has given Kallen Pokkudan the courage and strength to launch a mission to save the environment. Kallen Pokkudan or Kandal Pokkudan,as he is fondly called, the name has become a synonym with Mangrove conservation in the state all these years. Pokkudan was born in the year 1937 to Govindan Parotty and Kallan Vellechi. Both his parents were agrarian labourers and the period was the most vulnerable with feudalism have left the poor in utter poverty and mess. Pokkuden has embarked on a mission to save mangroves when at a time the wetlands of his village were turned to waste dumb yards. Pokkuden planted as many as mangrove saplings in his nearby wetlands in a mission to save the environment. His initiative spread a revolution among the state and once again accentuated the importance of environment conservation in the state. Ee Vazhitharayil features Kallen Pokkudan and his life, Ee Vazhitharayil, Episode 94.

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