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An evening at Valiyaparamba



Valiyaparamba back waters is called the Vembanad lake of North Kerala. A mystery formed by Kawwayi river, the Sea and Ezhimala is still an unknown water park to the tourists.

The sun light coming through the tall palm trees is weak. It is becoming yellowish. We are waiting for the darkness to come. In Kawwayi back waters, Janardanan's boat is waiting for the evening. We are not at all tired even after spending the whole day in the surface of the back waters. We can see the Arabian ocean beyond the island, looking through the palm trees. The setting sun became red. The birds that had gone seeking for their preys have started returning to Valiaparamba. The storks started rattling on the palm trees. Parting the waves the water birds searched for a place to stay in the mangrove with their pairs. The dusk is becoming purplish.

Muhamad Kunhi is like that. If he likes you he won't leave you. 'After the dusk I will show you a mirracle in Valiyaparamba. After that you can decide whether to stay here for today or not.' We couldn't refuse Muhamad Kunhi's invitation. This M.Sc Zoology fellow is a senior assistant in K.S.E.B. He is from the island, the host of Valiyaparamba.

In the visiting card which was printed instantly, there are two more degrees. We got down from the boat and sat in the waiting shed on the shore. This place is called Pandyala Sea shore. Kunhi prepared our seats by cleaning the parapet of the shelter with his hands. Near by there is a tea shop. We had black tea and biscuits from there. 'If you had informed them about your arrival before hand, they would hace prepared every thing for you.' Kunhi was not satisfied even after feeding us well. Kunhi is like that. If he likes you his affection will over flow.

We waited for the miracle that Kunhi told us about.. He pointed his finger towards the mountain far away from the shore on the east side. Ezhimala. The largest naval base in Asia. Ezhimala stands head high beyond the sea face where the Arabian oceaan allows Kawwayi lake to enter in to the Idanadu. Like an elephant pushing his trunk forward while standing in the water for a bath. Surroundings became darker. The rattling of the birds stopped. Ezhimala and Kawwayi lake got immersed in darkness. On the surface of the lake you can see the reflection of the moon . On the vallies of the mountain you can see lights like fire flies.

While looking at, the miracle opened up on Ezhimala. The fire flies on the valley slowly started to come up towards the peak of the hill. Ezhimala reflected in the Kawwayi lake like in a mirror. The mountain and the river became one. When the light from the light house spread, the lake and the river disappeared. Only the bright light. The Deepavali of Valiayaparamba. We were confused, whether to stay or not. Muhamad kunhi asked. Who can leave Valiyaparamba in this night of miracle?

Travel Info

Location: Trikkarippur, Kasaragod Dt.

How to Reach:

By air: Mangaluru: 103km
By Rail: Payyannur (Kannur dist) just walk to Kotti Boat Jetti behind Rly station.Boat service to Valiyaparambu operates here.
By Road: from Kannur side, get down at Payyannur.Take an Auto from bus stand and go to kotti jetti at minimum charge. Tourist from Kasaragod side, should get down at Kalikadavu and hire an auto and go to Ayitty boat jetty.

Oyster Opera. Thekkekkad, Padannakkadappuram, Ph: 9447176465, 04672276465/2278101.


BRDC-0467 2272007, House Boat:09447469747, 04672282633

Text: K Sajeevan
Photos: N M Pradeep, Saji Chunda
Translation: Balachandran

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