Court gives daughter's custody to Manoj K Jayan


06 Jul 2012


Kochi: Dramatic events unfolded at the Ernakulam family court on the custody of Kunjatta, daughter of actor Manoj K Jayan and Urvashi. Manoj said Uravashi was fully drunk and Kunjatta also informed the court that she doesn't want to go with her mother. The court also allowed Kunjatta to be with Manoj temporarily.

Manoj and Kunjatta reached the family court by 10 am. The other day, Court had ordered to give custody of Kunjatta to Urvashi on Friday till 4 pm . By 11 am, Urvashi reached the court but Manoj, on knowing Urvashi was fully drunk, brought the matter to the attention of the councilor. Uravashi created scenes in the courtroom then and later left saying she doesn't need anyone.

Manoj said his daughter told him that she doesn't want to go with Urvashi. He said he will move ahead with legal proceedings seeking permanent custody of his daughter considering her future.

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